EPDM Rubber Roofing Services

If you want to install an affordable roof on your home that’s easy to maintain, EPDM rubber roofs are one of your best options. They’re perfect for those with flat roofs because they don’t contain many seams, which cuts down on leaks and other common roofing issues. They’re also designed to last for 20 years or more when you hire the right rubber roofing contractor in Laurel and Connersville, IN to install them. Strong Construction can set you up with rubber roofing installation and make sure your EPDM roof stays put once we put it into place.

For almost 20 years now, Strong Construction has served one of the leading rubber roofing installers in Laurel and Connersville, IN. We only utilize the best roofing materials when completing EPDM rubber roofing installation and strive to install roofs as quickly as we can to limit the disruptions to your home. We’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied with your rubber roofing installation when we’re done and will offer you competitive prices on all our roofing services when you choose us to be your EPDM rubber roofing contractor.

In addition to installing rubber roofs, Strong Construction is a rubber roofing contractor that can make rubber roofing repairs as well. While we’ll make it our mission to limit the number of repairs you need to have made following rubber roofing installation in Laurel and Connersville, IN, we’ll be there for you if your EPDM rubber roof ever fails. We’ll respond to your call quickly and come out to your home right away to fix whatever is wrong with EPDM rubber roofs.

For more information on rubber roofs or to schedule a consultation with the most trusted rubber roofing contractor in Laurel and Connersville, IN, call Strong Construction at 765-698-8164.